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What a joy it is to walk through the Science of Mind Archives and Library and feel our rich history. How exciting to see handwritten pages by Dr. Ernest Holmes and listen to his voice as he brings forth the ideas upon which Religious Science rests. It is an honor for The Science of Mind Archives to lease the lower east wing of the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) headquarters building. This truly is the perfect location for our collective history to be preserved. While the Archives is located at CSL headquarters, it is entirely financially independent and relies solely on the donations of many loyal friends.

Friends like you and your Center are needed now and in the future to help save the original and early works upon which our philosophy rest. As the paper crumbles with age and the reel to reel tape recordings degrade, the heart of our teaching is slipping away. If we are not the ones to save our history, who will preserve our original documents for you and future generations?

The Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation is an important cultural strand that must be maintained for us to have a central place to touch the heart of our birth and past. It is the holder of our history. This is why the Archives board has created Friends of Ernest. Once a year, you are asked to remember your roots with an annual contribution. Would you put in your annual budget, starting this year, your Archives and Library? There is much work to be done to preserve into perpetuity the books, papers, articles, magazines, recordings, and memorabilia. More and more materials are being bequeathed and it is our responsibility to maintain the integrity of our teaching and history. The Archives currently has over 200 eBooks from material that has been scanned and digitized and is available on our website, Of course, making all of this information available requires ongoing financial support.

The time is now to be a Friend of Ernest. If you and your Center do not help save our history, who do you expect to do it for you? It is our responsibility today to preserve for future generations their documents of birth. Please give now and every year to help preserve Religious Science’s History! If all our Centers and their members come together to do this, we will have the Science of Mind Archives and Library to enjoy today and tomorrow.

Friends of Ernest Annual Membership Contribution Levels

Cornerstone ($5,000+)

Benefactor ($1,000 - $4,999)

Champion ($500 - $999)

Keeper ($250 - $499)

Sustainer ($50 - $249)

Language Translation

English French German Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish


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